Private investment company, focused on long-term value creation, in the 'smart money' concept.


Founded in 2018 by investor PEDRO JUNQUEIRA MOLL, shareholder and director of health network 'Rede D'Or São Luiz de Hospitais', PJM INVESTMENTS manages its assets through private and liquid investment vehicles. Primary investment activities include Strategic Assets, Seed Capital, Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Born in the corporate world, Pedro Moll has built with hard work, dedication and seriousness over the years a precious relationship network that allows him to always seek the best negotiations, combined with the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of executives.


We operate from the first investment layer above the angel investor, such as Seed Capital to Private Equity. Diluting risk and diversifying our portfolio, the idea is to invest capital in more companies and maximize our chances of getting it right.

We are looking for Growth Stage companies, which already have customers, defined products, but still depend on investment to expand consumption and establish themselves in the market.


In addition to the investment, PJM INVESTMENTS has a team of specialists who work in partnership with the management teams of the investees.

We focus on nurturing strong and productive relationships with our business partners.

Accelerated Power Partners

For more than 25 years developing innovative technologies for the health area, creating agile and integrated solutions, easy to implement and use.

Speed up the closing of results by up to 3x. Plan your budget. Automate FSs [balance sheet, income statement and cash flow] and accounting consolidation.

Integrated solutions in Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. One-stop-shop SaaS solution. Real-time, secure and scalable data

We are a technology company focused on payment solutions.

Audience, engajement and sales multiplier that posts simultaneous LIVEs, even with recorded videos, on an unlimited number of social networks

We are a unique technology that transforms photos, videos and data into amazing videos in seconds. Check our business solutions or try our app for free.

We use technology to simplify the management and communication of churches throughout Latin America, helping to expand the Kingdom of God.

We are a credit automation platform driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), specialized in simplifying and speeding up the financing process for purchasing or renovating properties.

ZemoBank is always specialized in credit operations and prepayments of receivables, allied to technology structures for greater added value.

The project that promotes autonomy, creativity and assists in literacy over the years.

We impact HR. HR impacts the business. Business impacts people. People impact the world.

The largest and best payment solution platform for Notaries in Brazil. Pay in up to 12 installments and receive the full amount within 1 business day.

Free access platform with pay-per-use tools for anyone selling on the internet. Discounts arising from the use of several tools for the same business transaction. (eg use of sales checkout + logistics + accounting).

Eating out starts here. The largest platform for eating out with more than 2,500 restaurants across Brazil!

The all-in-one financial solution platform designed for growing ecommerce merchants. Discover solutions such as Working Capital, Daily Advance, Global Digital Wallet, Business Prepaid Card, Sellers Signals, and much more.

All the security and agility in the purchase process of Precatório

TudoNoBolso was created with the mission of helping the well-being of Brazilian workers. It is a unique benefits fintech: fast, agile, reliable and transparent. It is not about offering loans, it is about granting benefits.

Ecosystem Companies

Largest integrated health care network in Brazil. 60 hospitals and 50 oncology clinics. RJ, SP, PB, PE, BA, MA, SE, CE, PR, MS, MG and DF units.

Health specialist. And uncomplicated. Since 2015, with a total commitment to innovation, it has served more than 1,700 customers, with 2.2 million lives.

When it comes to health, only Quali has the best plans for you to choose from. More choices for you. More Quali for your life.

We are a HealthTech that offers digital solutions that optimize time, minimize costs and increase the efficiency of healthcare process management.

Smile. This we understand! Orthopride was born to offer you more quality of life, more health and lots of smiles in your everyday life.

Based in São Paulo with presence in Palo Alto, New York, Atlanta, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, we are a global team of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and innovation experts with proven experience in the healthcare industry.

iClinic is part of Grupo Afya is the next generation of software for online management of clinics and offices, helping several health professionals increase their productivity.

Specialist in high complexity hemotherapy and cell therapy. More than 40 years of solidity and credibility

Laser hair removal for all skin types.

SulAmérica is a company that has been operating for over 125 years and is dedicated to delivering Comprehensive Health to its more than 7 million customers through Health, Dental, Life, Pension and Investment products and services.

Pedro Moll - Founder / CEO

There is room for both types of companies - global scale players and niche specialists - to create value in the marketplace. Regardless of size or target market, all winners will share a combination of increased agility and a clear focus on the chosen strategy.